World EM-Drive Team
Crowd Fund

To raise awareness and funding in creating a citizen based space
platform for launching and controlling drones for deep outer space
exploration using EM-Drive technology.

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Using Dave Distler’s approach to EM-Drive Technology, (bouncing microwaves inside a cavity while in resonance) we will create a citizen based space platform for launching and controlling drones for outer space exploration. In order to accomplish this ambitious project, it starts with like minded citizens coming together and combing their talents and time. Luckily for this collective, most of the technical stuff for an idea like this has already been accomplish and now what we need most is the financial support of the world community to back this project and to help expand the team. If the idea of creating a transparent space program, controlled by citizen scientist who are beholden to the interest of the general public is not appealing to you, we still insist on your support.¬†Rest in the satisfaction that your contribution is bringing new technology that will eventually lead into homes around the world enriching everyones lives. At $100K raised we would have the resources to launch one completed EM-Drive probe into space. This includes the rocket launch and all of its associated cost, the EM-Drive (1701C model) and a modest ground station capable of receiving and sharing buffered video, images, and data from the probe directly to the internet.