Citizen Driven Leadership And Open Source
Technology Will Bring Us Closer To The Stars

The World EM-Drive Team is a 501(c)3, non-profit corporation with 2 undisclosed offices in the United States. We are geared and finely tuned to be powered by the people, to be exclusively beholden to the people, and to advance farther into space than every before.

Our mission is more than the adventure of getting into space. Further more, our mission is more than creating a new market and platform for consumers to launch and explore their solar system and beyond. Its about challenging the ingenuity of the general public and preparing everyone with the correct mindset to break all the limits as we explore farther into space. What we collectively discover will change our ideas on the universe and how we fit into the equation of life.

Meet The Team

Curtis Hedges

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Dave Distler
(Co-Founder / Engineer Lead)

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 Heidi Niel
(Girl Boss / Outreach)